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I was born in 1981 in Kirklareli. I finished my BA degree in Art History. Following my studies I started working as a tour guide. Over the initial years of my career, my job as a guide evolved into more of a salesman selling tours. This was due to my success as a promoted of the tours I was guiding. Being a good salesman requires talent, communicative skills and ambition, all of which I possess.

Being a tour guide also helped me develop my language skills. I learned English during my stuides and had many chances to use it while working as a tour guide. I am fluent in English now thanks to my academic and professional background.

Having realised my success as a salesman, I applied for a salesman position at Bayern Pharma in Turkey. I worked at Bayern for more than 14 years now. I was aware that it took more than just my salesman skills to be successful and remarkable at an international pharmaceutical giant, I developed my skills by participating in as many trainings as possible. These include a wide range of trainings, such as stress management, communicative skills, presentation skills, strategic thinking and many others. I have been involved in corporate projects and had been a part of important decisions taken and procedures conducted. I have received many awards for my in-company success, which are also mentioned on my CV. This was one of the many reasons why I was employed by Bayern for nearly a decade and a half. This was thanks to my willingness to develop myself and opportunities provided by a corporate company.

In 2019, I have decided it is time to take the next step. Having done extensive research and assessments, I found the UK to be the most suitable place to actualise my business ideas. I would like to use my sales and marketing experience in a country with a big economy presenting many opportunities for entrepreneur minded people like me. Focusing on the health sector due to my professional experience, I looked into global macro trends and dived into the UK market for a micro trends research. This way I was able to identify that natural wellness products and supplements is a trending market in the UK, just like it is globally.

Natural supplements are more in demand due to the changing urban lifestyle of people who want their body to reverse the effects of urban life. These products are substitutes for the minerals, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants that humans are in need of. Malnutrition, low nutritional products of the everyday groceries, lack of time to prepare meals with nutritional value and diminishing access to nature itself. Not only for the urban, but the changing global profit based en masse food production and distribution creates the lack of nutritional value in the countryside as much.

This created a huge trend towards the supplementary products. Especially in Europe and North America, herbal supplements are widely in consumption and is considered essential to maintain physical health of the urban professionals. These products are not only substitutes to the mineral and vitamins, but are also supplementing the immune system, contributing to the accumulated health of